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Holland by Train

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Last weekend Gerdien and I went to Antwerp to see the sights and meet up with Eva, a friend of Gerdien. It was cold and windy but we had a great time visiting the National Museum, going to the cinema and being shown all the great spots by nice people who know their way around. Thanks Eva and Leandro!

Going by train, very relaxing…



Having a bite at Het Elfde Gebod

And of course a visit to a famous chocolatier to taste strange bonbons made with Bacon or earl grey. Very tasty by the way…

On our way to the KMSKA museum we saw a koe.

Pond/Art in front of the museum.

Anselm Kiefer exhibition

Visiting nice vintage shops.

Going under the river Schelde by wooden escalator.

Silvius Brabo throwing a giant hand…             What?!

A fatal accident…

Antwerp Central Station

Almost home.

Sunny Weekend

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We come in peace…

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